ERPsim SAP Labs & Textbook

Introduction to ERP/SAP and Strategies

for the

Maple Introduction and Manufacturing Game

Author: Tim Rutherford

Self Published: Amazon Kindle

Not for MIS / IS!

This SAP / ERPsim textbook is written for the typical business student who has limited to no experience with ERP or SAP. 

Intended to complement ERPsim's existing documentation, students will first gain experience learning ERP (using SAP as an example ERP system) and then learn the relevant SAP processes and strategies needed for effective game-play.

Maple and Manufacturing Game!

Both ERPsim games are represented. With modular and non-game-specific content and strategies, flexible SAP Labs which work for both Muesli and Maple Syrup, along with game-specific content.

Content for this Textbook

All sections are modular in nature, choose what fits within your course and skip what's unnecessary!